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Standard Color Slatwall Panels

Included is the Melamine covering that is is a durable thick foil type finish manufactured from a resin with the durability of paint that is available in all types of colors and wood grain type finishes.

Melamine is more affordable to use and apply to slatwall panels then paint because when you use paint on bare wood particleboard it is best to first cover the particleboard panel with an undercoat to better protect the particle board before applying the actual paint covering.

Slatwall Groves are available in a 3" On Center cut and a 6" On Center Cut. The most popular grooves are on the 8' length, with the panels being installed in the 8' wide x 4' high configuration. We have a vertical cut running 4' length, with the panels installer in the 4' wide X 8' high configuration. Aluminum and plastic inserts are also available.

Standrad Color Slatwall Panels consist of a particle board panel with slat groves milled in them with an  affordable and attractive covering known as Melamine. Colors include Black, White, Gray, and Almond / Beige.

Our standard size slatwall panels are cut to 8' wide X 4' high or 4' X 8' and can be cut to custom sizes.

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White Slatwall Panels

White Slatwall Panels

White is more for high end stora applications

Black Slatwall Panels

Black Slatwall Panels

Black is a more popular color as of late

Paintable Paint Grade Slatwall

Paintable Slatwall Panels

Almond Slatwall Panels

Almond Slatwall Panels

Almond fits in with the Beige Gondolas

Gray Slatwall Panels

Gray Slatwall Panels

Gray is a match for most any color scheme

Slatwall Inserts

Available with Aluminum Inserts or Plastic Inserts.

Considering current supply and demand volitility, inserts are as a quote basis only.

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