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Find HPL, Wilson Art, Paintable, Acrylic, Hooks, and Wood Grain all at affordable pricing and online sales of Slatwall Panels.

Slatwall Panels are mostly made of a particle board type of compressed plywood with all types of finishes available for any type of store. Mainly used to display merchandise or product utilizing what was considered a useless wall that will help utilize all of the walls in a store for merchandising. 

What makes Slatwall Panels so useful is the slats or grooves cut into the wood, allows the use of all types of Slatwall Hooks, baskets and slatwall shelves that will hook into the specialized grooves of a Slatwall Panel.  The finishes we have available for Slatwall Panels are Melamine is an affordable attractive tough finish, High Pressure Laminate widely used to make all types of wood displays attractive through out the entire store fixture industry. Wilson Art finish is a higher end finish for higher end stores with all types of patterns that can be considered custom.

The standard size panel is a 4 X 8 slatwall panel with the slats running the 8 length of the panel. The slats or groves can be cut in what is know as a cross cut. The cross cut would be oposit of the standard cut. The panels can also be cut int custom sizes when needed.

Slatwall Products


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